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Attorney Daniel Sandell is a Criminal Defense  Lawyer serving Amherst, Belchertown, Hadley, Northampton, Springfield, Greenfield, Holyoke, and the surrounding area in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

Criminal Defense Law Areas of Practice.

Daniel M. Sandell has successfully defended hundreds of clients in cases throughout Western Massachusetts. These cases span many areas of Criminal Law including:drunk driving (OUI/DUI/DWI);drugs; assault; battery; and various felonies.

A man’s hands are in handcuffs behind his back. Criminal defense attorney Dan Sandell can help you if you face jail or prison time for a misdemeanor or felony.

OUI Drunk Driving

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes drunk driving or drinking while driving very seriously. Severe penalties are levied against multiple offenders. If you have been pulled over and arrested for Operating Under the Influence (OUI), that is a grave matter and you definitely need a good criminal defense attorney in your corner. Read More

Drug Possession / Distribution

Getting arrested for drug possession and/or intent to distribute in Massachusetts is a very serious matter. Penalties can be harsh, even for a first offense (depending on the substance(s) involved, amount(s), and other factors) and even if the charge is a misdemeanor rather than a felony. Read More

Assault & Battery

Heated arguments that escalate even slightly can turn into threats, scuffles, fistfights, beatings and other violence that can result in assault and battery charges. If you are found guilty of assault and battery in Massachusetts the penalties are up to 2½ years incarceration and a fine of up to $1,000. Read More

Felony Criminal Defense

Getting arrested can be a heartwrenching experience, but being charged with a felony is often a grave and highly traumatic event. Felonies carry substantially higher penalties than misdemeanors  and there are far more social and legal consequences associated with felony convictions. Read More

Please feel free to  call  us at 413-549-3883  or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Your initial consultation is free  Want more information? See The Drunk Driving Defense Blog of Western Massachusetts:

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Feel Free to contact Dan Sandell at 413-549-3883 to schedule a free consultation. The Law Offices of Daniel Sandell are located in downtown Amherst Massachusetts. We assist clients throughout Western Massachusetts who come to us with DWI/DUI/OUI and various criminal issues



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